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Nyaluak Leth in our Marnie trousers & Halter knit top. Read her interview below

#ParisGeorgiaMuse Nyaluak Leth is a poet and model, we first met her last year when she walked for our Resort 20 Presentation at Fred's in Sydney. We felt so drawn to her powerful presence and insightful perspective.

Your poetry is powerful. Where do you garner inspiration?

My inspiration arises when I set my ego aside and listen to my soul. As a result, I’m also tuning into the hearts and experiences of those around me and the earth beneath my feet. I found that through my writing, one only needs to ever look inwards to really grasp what’s going on in their external world.

Who is a woman/women you look up to? Why?

Honestly, the future Nyaluak is who I look up to, and look forward to encountering and creating with. If you would have described current Nyaluak to 7 year old me (who couldn’t speak a word of English or spell her name) that I would be traveling the world as a model, writing poetry and speaking on behalf of others? I’d be inspired!

My mind never stops and my will only grows with every challenge presented to me.

You never know where your talent and hard work can take you. So I’m looking forward to the growth that comes with staying on my own path.

What does the idea of femininity mean to you?

Femininity is your own personalized goddess nature within. When expressed she becomes the embodiment of love, power, and everything art ... and then some.

What advice would you give other young, female models starting out in the industry?

There are going to be moments where you might forget that your body belongs to you and in those moments I urge you to look inside and fall in love with your whole being over and over, again and again. Because baby girl, you are the muse! Don’t let your body define the beautiful soul within, do the opposite and you’ll prosper. Trust x