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Deryk in Paris Georgia Heart Bodysuit. Read her interview below

#ParisGeorgiaMuse and Musician - Deryk

Tell us about your latest EP - we are loving it in the PG showroom!!

Thank you. ‘WOMb’ is an EP about growth. Each song represents a moment in my life I needed to write about to understand. Going through tough phases feels wasted if you haven’t given yourself a chance to reflect & learn from them so that’s what this EP became for me. Raw, fleshy & feminine.

Which female artists inspire you the most and why?

PJ Harvey - A forever muse of mine. Her musicianship, honesty & grit inspires me regularly.
& Esperanza Spalding, a goddess. She’s an extremely talented bass player. The way she processed her vocals on 12 Little Spells, her album released in 2018, was very influential for me. So much respect for her.

What does Feminity mean to you?

For me Feminity means connection. I feel my most feminine when I’m connecting with other women and learning from them.

What advice would you give other young women?

Be free, be yourself. Try not to let ego get in the way of living your life because it only slows you down & stumps your growth. Empathy & understanding will guide you.